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Anna Furse


Anna Furse


GLASS BODY reflecting on becoming transparent



Glass Body 1


Glass Body 2


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Anna will discuss the research and artistic process involved in creating her innovative infertility installation, Glass Body (2005), developed with the Imaging Department, Assisted Conception Unit and Hospital Arts at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and with the scientific mentoring of Professor Stuart Campbell at Create Health.


We subject our bodies to a necessary splitting ­ the separation of eggs from ovaries, sperm from testes, reproduction from sexual intercourse ­ as our sex cells become involved in a spectacular process of fusion and, if successful, growth outside us. IVF procedures offer us exceptional insight into our own reproductive processes...


This unique project is about wonder. It is about the body spectacular. It is about looking, and our curiosity about what the naked eye cannot see. It is about the faith we have in on-screen images and in technology. It is about the way in which imaging technologies are transforming the pictures we carry of ourselves. It is asking questions about this. It invites our audience to answer some of these questions for themselves, such as: How do we feel when we can look inside ourselves in a medical environment Fascinated? Awed? Frightened? Empowered? Exposed? Surprised? How do we read what we see? Do we know how these images are made? How might these insights be changing our sense of our bodies and who we are?


Glass body 3


Anna Furse is an award winning director and writer of over 50 text driven and devised works. A classically trained dancer influenced by study with Peter Brook, Grotowski and in new dance forms, she has developed her own training methodology that creates theatre from the body outwards. Artistic directorships include the feminist company Blood Group, Paines Plough and her new company Athletes of the Heart. Her published plays include Augustine (Big Hysteria) (Harwood Academic, 1997) and Gorgeous ( Aurora Metro, 2003). Her productions have toured Europe, Asia and the USA. She has taught for 27 years in the UK and internationally. She is currently a full time lecturer in the Department of Drama at Goldsmiths College, University of London, where she directs the MA in Performance.


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