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Dee Heddon


Dee Heddon


Rooted yet Moving: An Extroverted Site-Specific Practice








Working with the notion of ‘autotopography', which I take to mean the crossing of space with identity – the self in place – this paper explores site-specific autobiographical practices, and the significance of space/place for women (drawing on the useful work of feminist geographers). Primary focus will be directed to One Square Foot, facilitated by Dorinda Hulton. For this research-through-practice project, in which I was one of the performers, my own aim was to explore a way of identifying self in place that was non-exclusive or which, to borrow Doreen Massey's terms, was ‘extroverted' rather than ‘introverted'. Standing in ‘one square foot' led me to travel across countries, continents and histories, rooted and routed, always on the look-out, standing yet moving.




Dee Heddon is a lecturer in Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow. Her research on autobiographical performance has appeared in various journals and anthologies including Studies in Theatre Production, Research in Drama Education, Performance Research, New Theatre Quarterly, Auto/biography and Identity , eds. Gale and Gardner (Manchester University Press, 2004) and Modern Confessional Writing , ed. Gill (Routledge, 2005). Dee's autobiographical performance practice includes “Forward to Sender” (2002), “Following in the Footsteps” (2003), and “One Square Foot” (2004). Dee is also co-author of Devising Performance: A Critical History (Palgrave, 2005).


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