Activities Programme

As well as benefitting from a three-month student placement, partner organisations will be involved in a wider programme of activities.

Lancaster University Data Science Partner Accreditation

Participating organisations will be recognised as Lancaster University Data Science Partners with:

  • Membership logo and company profile on our website
  • Access to Lancaster University Data Science logo

Guest lectures

Partners will be invited to speak to our students about the challenges that they have faced in employing data science technology and the solutions that they developed, confirming their reputation as an advanced user of data science.

Data Science Partners' Workshop

All participating organisations will be invited to attend a 1-day workshop, featuring lectures from leading data science academics, presentations from industry peers and in-depth discussions about getting the most from data science.

Programme Cost

A contribution of £3,000 is sought from partner organisations. This will be paid to the student as a stipend, roughly equal to the UK minimum wage, for their upkeep during their placement.