MSc Data Science - Computing Specialism

The computing specialism enables students to understand the technologies needed to perform large scale data science

The Computing specialism of the Data Science MSc is aimed at students with a background in computer science who want to develop strong quantitative, data handling and analytical skills, along with the skills that enable the engineering of systems to perform real-world data science. 

In addition to the core modules of Data Science Fundamentals, Programming for Data Scientists and Data Mining, students also take the following compulsory modules:

  • Applied data mining
  • Elements of distributed systems
  • Systems architecture and integration

These modules are intended to give students an understanding of the technologies that enable the processing of data at large-scale, often using parallel processing paradigms.

The Computing specialism provides the training to understand how these technologies function and how they are implemented within both enterprise and research environments. Students will learn programming in R, Python and Java and be given access to a wide range of relevant technologies including Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL databases, Tableau and, IBM BlueMix amongst others.

For further information please contact Dr Chris Edwards.