This conference will be inherently interdisciplinary and as such we seek contributions from researchers within the areas of social science, design, new media art, data visualisation, and human-computer interaction. It will take place over three days, and will comprise a combination of hands-on workshops, paper presentations and an exhibition of work.  

The conference will investigate the diverse ways in which publics are, and can be, constituted, provoked, threatened, understood, and represented. This includes examining the role played in the formation of publics by new on- and offline infrastructures, data visualisations, social and economic practices, research methods and creative practices, and emerging and future technologies. Specifically, the event will facilitate cross-cutting conversations between designers, social scientists and creative technologists to explore the new challenges and opportunities afforded by thinking and working with “Data Publics”.

Day one will provide hands-on introductions to key methods for investigating data publics, involving two workshops running in parallel. One workshop – ‘Digital Methods/Data Visualisation’, led by David Moats – will introduce the digital methods and data visualisation approaches that can be used to conduct research in this field. The other – ‘Strategies, Tools and Participatory Processes’, led by Clara Crivellaro – will explore the practicalities of using design strategies, tools and participatory socio-technical processes to support the emergence and formation of publics. The day will end with participants from the two workshops entering into dialogue.

Following the workshops, the next two days will feature a mixture of academic paper presentations and exhibits from participants, with a focus throughout on the way a diverse array of methods, analytical approaches, representational techniques and practical engagements might be related to one another, put in conversation and combined. Participants are warmly invited to presents digital artefacts, data-visualisations or performances alongside their academic work or as stand-alone pieces that explore the topic of data-publics.


For participation in the conference, we seek two forms of contributions: full papers and works to exhibit.  

For further details about this conference and how to submit please see the Data Publics website.



Conference + workshop: £110 (Students/unwaged may apply for a reduced fee of £55).

Conference only: £90 (Students/unwaged may apply for a reduced fee of £45)
Workshop only: £60 (Students/unwaged may apply for a reduced fee of £30)
(Reduced fee places are limited and will be allocated first to those without recourse to external funding and then on a first come first served basis.)

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