Dr Lawrence Bardwell

PhD student


I studied at Lancaster University for my undergraduate BSc Mathematics degree where I took a range of both mathematics and statistics courses. At the end of my second year I completed the STOR-i internship which opened my eyes to doing a PhD.Before starting the STOR-i MRes in October 2012 I also completed another internship at the University of St Andrews which focused on pure mathematics specifically the properties of typical functions and semigroup theory.After having completed the MRes year just a few months ago I have recently begun work on my PhD. This involves looking at methods of detecting changepoints in Multivariate time series. This is joint work with my industrial supervisors BT. The supervisors of this project are Professors Paul Fearnhead, Idris Eckley and Dr Martin Spott.

Homepage: http://www.lancs.ac.uk/pg/bardwell

Most recent changepoint detection in Panel data
Bardwell, L., Fearnhead, P.N., Eckley, I.A., Smith, S., Spott, M. 19/01/2018 In: Technometrics.
Journal article

Efficient search methods for high dimensional time-series
Bardwell, L. 2018 Lancaster University. 196 p.
Doctoral Thesis

Bayesian detection of abnormal segments in multiple time series
Bardwell, L., Fearnhead, P. 01/2017 In: Bayesian Analysis. 12, 1, p. 193-218. 26 p.
Journal article