Pregnancy and maternity

This protected characteristic also includes breastfeeding. The pregnancy & maternity of a student applies to anyone who is pregnant or has given birth within the last 26 weeks. Pregnancy & maternity of a member of staff applies to anyone who is pregnant or is on statutory or additional maternity leave.

The University will aim to ensure that no persons are discriminated against on the basis of pregnancy & maternity. The University will continue to:

  • undertake appropriate risk assessments where there is an identified risk to a pregnant worker or student.
  • ensure that identified risks to a pregnant worker or student are reduced to as low as reasonably practicable.
  • maintain contractual rights for staff (other than contractual pay) during maternity leave.

Policies, procedures and guidance

Adoption leave
Maternity leave
Maternity / Adoption Research Support (MARS) fund
Parental leave
Paternity leave
Shared Parental Leave infographic
Shared Parental Leave Policy
Shared Parental Leave Form SPL1

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