Awards at Lancaster

Lancaster University is proud to have achieved several Athena SWAN Awards recognising our commitment to advancing the careers of women within higher education and research.

Silver Awards at Lancaster University‌

Lancaster's Physics Department and Faculty of Health and Medicine were awarded Athena SWAN Silver renewals in 2017.

Lancaster's Bronze Awards

Lancaster University has held an institutional Bronze Award since 2008, which was successfully renewed in 2012 and 2015.

Lancaster's Faculty of Health and Medicine and The Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) were both awarded Athena SWAN Bronze awards in 2013.

The Psychology Department achieved an Athena SWAN Bronze award in May 2015.

The Chemistry Department in May 2016.

Our most recent Bronze award was awarded to The Maths Department in 2017.

Action plans

Lancaster University institutional action plan

Chemistry Bronze action plan (Nov 2015)

Psychology Bronze action plan (Nov 2014)

Faculty of Health and Medicine Silver action plan (Nov 2013)

Physics Silver action plan (Nov 2013)

Lancaster Environment Centre Bronze action plan (Apr 2013)

Faculty of Health and Medicine Bronze action plan (Apr 2012)

All dates refer to the date of submission to the Equality Challenge Unit.