Black History Month

Black History Month is an important event in the equality, diversity and inclusion calendar and we wish to recognise its significance as a part of race equality.

There are many different aspects to Black History, and in this, the 30th year of Black History Month there is a vast breadth and depth of information available on the official website.

One aspect of Black History that links directly to the history of the City of Lancaster concerns the slave trade in the 18thand early 19th centuries.  See more here.

There are a wide variety of events taking place at Lancaster University throughout Black History Month - find out more on the LUSU webpages.


So, what is the University planning to do in relation to race equality?

As a result of work undertaken by a Race Equality Working Group established in December 2016, plans have been developed for progressing the membership of the Race Equality Charter, and preparation of application for bronze award by 2020.  These plans will be taken forward later in 2017-18.

See more about the Race Equality Charter here.

Lancaster University is committed to membership of the Race Equality Charter from 2017. To this end it plans to produce ethnicity analyses of staff and student data, conduct survey and focus groups, and formulate a three-year action plan. A working group is currently being formed and in the future a self-assessment team will guide the institution to gain a Bronze charter award by 2020. An update on current progress can be found here:

Race Equality Update, December 2016


The race protected characteristic applies to any individual or group of a particular colour, nationality, caste, ethnic origin or national origin. Protection on the grounds of nationality is subject to compliance with immigration rules.

The University will continue to:

  • Address any perceived barriers in providing and promoting inclusive practices for staff and students from black and minority ethnic (BME) groups and target areas to remove inequalities.
  • Seek to improve our ability to recruit, retain, support and develop staff and students from BME groups.
  • Celebrate the diversity of our UK and international staff and student community. 


Useful links

Equality Challenge Unit - Race Equality Charter

Equality and Human Rights Commission race discrimination advice and guidance

Runnymede Trust -  the UK's leading independent race equality thinktank

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