Religion applies to any religion or reference to religion, including a reference to a lack of religion.

Belief applies to any religious or philosophical belief or reference to belief, including reference to a lack of belief. The religion or belief protected characteristic should be taken to mean the full diversity of religious and belief affiliations within the UK, including non-religious and philosophical beliefs such as atheism, agnosticism and humanism.

The University will continue to:

  • Be a secular institution that accords respect and tolerance to all religious faiths, beliefs and practices as well as those who subscribe to no faith.
  • Affirm that all members of the University community have the right to religious freedom and to the peaceful exercise of their religious faith, beliefs and customs.
  • Affirm the expectation and requirement that everyone on campus should accord full tolerance and respect for the religious faith, beliefs and practices of others.

 Download our policy for faith groups meeting and working on campus: Faith groups on campus.

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