18 January 2017
Lancaster University Library is excited to welcome #Outcome LGBT Portraits by Tom Dingley, as part of LGBT History Month.

Two years in development, #Outcome is  a photographic project of portraits of LGBT people from a variety of different backgrounds, holding a picture of themselves as a child.  Aimed at LGBT people on the cusp of coming out, to show that it does get better, the project is now a touring exhibition, and a book published by Arachne Press

Photographer Tom Dingley started his #Outcome project in response to his concern at the lack of positive role models for young people on the cusp of coming out.  He decided to photograph LGBT people with the attributes for their everyday life – their work, or their interests; and holding a picture of themselves as a child.  Tom's message is: "No matter how hard it is growing up, no matter who you were, you become who you become, and you are amazing."

Get involved! Photographer Tom Dingley will be taking photographs to add to the Outcome Portfolio on the final day of the show, 15 February. If you are LGBT, book your slot to become part of this iconic show by contacting Tom @OutcomeLGBT or tom_dingley@hotmail.co.uk.