Diversity on-line training

All new staff are required to complete this online training in the first 3 months of employment. It takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

All other staff are encouraged to complete the course to learn more about new legislation; if you have not completed the new 2012 version you will need to register.

Register here for Diversity in the workplace online

Login with your University email address and choose your own password. If you have previously registered, you will already have an account in the new interface. To access your account, use the default password "password1". Then change your password.

Please contact Rob Kemp, Human Resources if you have any questions. Rob can also organise face to face diversity training for staff without an email, or if there is a group of staff who would prefer this option. 

Recruiting the Best

This workshop is designed for recruiting managers and support staff, and any staff who sit on interview panels. It explains the Equality Act as it relates to the selection process, positive action measures and how unconcious bias can impact the decision-making process. For more information click here

Making Professor

The University's flagship staff development event is held annually. For more information click here

Other training

Lancaster University's Organisation and Educational Development service organises a wide variety of training courses. For more information visit