Core Staff Interests 

Melis Cin

Melis Cin

Melis leads the MA module on Education, Evaluation and Research.  Her research interests focus on gender justice, education, and development. Most of the work Melis has done focuses on issues regarding women’s development through education, the relationship between education and women’s agency and empowerment, and girls’ education. Her key concern is to understand the implications of gender, economic, social and political inequalities, their bearing on education and the ways in which development and gender justice approaches can provide a route into such thinking.

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Nicola Ingram

Nicola leads the Tutor-Supported Independent Study MA module.  She is interested in social class inequalities and education and  is currently working on the Leverhulme funded Paired Peers project with Harriet Bradley (UWE) and colleagues. This research spans a seven year period from 2010 to 2017 and focusses on the experiences of working-class and middle-class young people as they make their way through undergraduate programs at two different universities in the same city, and into life beyond graduation.

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Murat Oztok

Murat leads the Key Issues and Theories in Social Justice and Education MA module.  His interests concern collaborative work and group discussion in digitally-mediated environments, with a theoretical and practical commitment to social justice and equity within learning communities. Murat draws upon Marxist and Post-Colonial perspectives, and explores the manifestations of social, historical, political, and economic Discourses in digitally-mediated environments. In particular, he is interested in understanding the ways that sociocultural elements inherent in applications of digital education operate to marginalize students who fall outside the ideations of dominant ideology.

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