Looking at Picturebook Covers Multimodally: The Case of Two-Mum and Two-Dad Picturebooks

Date: 13 March 2012 Time: 1 - 2 pm

Venue: C89, County South

Jane Sunderland and Mark McGlasha, Lancaster University will speak on:

Picturebooks featuring gay parents, although growing in number, remain underexplored. In this workshop we look at the covers of four such picturebooks, in particular at the representation of the co-parents and the multimodal workings of image and text. This exploration is timely in that the image-text relationship is a contested one. Drawing on the notions of 'modal affordance' and 'epistemological commitment', and the Hallidayan functional grammar category of 'enhancement', we use Theo van Leeuwen's Social Actors frameworks (2008, 1996, 1995), in particular the Visual Representation frameworks, to show that image and text are not commensurate in the meanings they communicate. Further, rather than one mode being merely supportive of the other, we hope to test the idea with you that image and text, here, are mutually enhancing and that in these picturebook covers, gay identities can - and indeed need to - be read through an appreciation of this mutual enhancement, rather than through image or text (title) alone or in parallel.

Event website: http://www.literacy.lancs.ac.uk/lrdg/2011-12.htm


Who can attend: Anyone


Further information

Associated staff: Jane Sunderland (Linguistics and English Language)

Organising departments and research centres: Educational Research, Lancaster Literacy Research Centre, Linguistics and English Language

Keywords: Multimodalities, Visual perception