Open seminar on gender and education research at the university of Gothenburg

Date: 4 October 2012 Time: 5.00 to 6.30pm

Venue: FASS meeting room 3

At the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Gothenburg, research on gender in education has a long tradition. Associate professor Eva Gannerud, lecturer Anette Hellman and Professor Inga Wernersson are presently doing research on different aspects of gender and education. Anette Hellman will present some results from a study on how masculinity is constructed in preschool settings in Sweden. Under the heading 'Can Batman wear pink?' she will discuss some of her findings.

Eva Gannerud's research has been focused on the consequences of gender order in teachers' professional lives. In the seminar she will present some results from different projects.

Inga Wernersson has been doing research mainly on different aspects of gender order consequences on classroom relations and the achievement of boys and girls. In this seminar, however, she will talk about how the concept of gender equality is perceived by Swedish teachers.

All welcome.


Who can attend: Anyone


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