Seminar Series - SynergyNet: Exploring the potential of a multi-touch classroom for teaching and learning

Date: 13 November 2013 Time: 12.30 - 2.00 p.m.

Venue: B.89 County South

Seminar Series - SynergyNet: Exploring the potential of a multi-touch classroom for teaching and learning

Professor Steve Higgins, Professor of Education, Durham University

SynergyNet, one of the final round of TLRP-TEL projects, investigated the potential of large multi-touch surfaces in a lab classroom environment at Durham University. One of the final investigations was into the potential of the classroom for within and between group collaborative learning, facilitated by the digital environment. "NumberNet" is an example of some exploratory software which aimed to support pupils in becoming more flexible and creative in their solutions to an arithmetical challenge. Steve Higgins will present an overview of the SynergyNet project and with studies undertaken, with a more detailed look at the "NumberNet" investigation which aimed to support the development of adaptive expertise with Year 6 pupils. Results from an experimental study of 86 students (44 using NumberNet, 42 using a paper-based traditional activity) indicated that all students increased in fluency after completing these activities, while students who used NumberNet also increased in flexibility and adaptivity.

Steven Higgins is Professor of Education at Durham University. His earlier experience has included a number of years teaching in primary schools in the North East of England, which was where his interest in students' learning developed. He also worked at Newcastle University in initial teacher education and primary mathematics and in developing approaches to support learners¹ thinking and reasoning, particularly with technology. He has a number of areas of interest in educational research particularly in terms of the use of research evidence in education and the application of findings from meta-analysis in particular, as well as extensive research into the effective use of digital technologies for learning and the impact that these technologies have on classroom interaction and pupils' attainment.



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