Zoos and aquariums are some of the most popular sites for informal science learning. In the United States, more than 180 million people visit an accredited zoo or aquarium each year, and in the United Kingdom, 25 million people annually visit zoos and aquariums that are members of the National Association.  These impressively high visitation numbers make zoos and aquariums an important focus for informal science learning research.

The talk will report on a project which aimed to identify the opportunities for and barriers to researching the long-term effects of informal science learning experiences at zoos and aquariums. It was also tasked to construct a proposal for a five- to ten-year study as the first attempt to measure those effects. It will discuss the challenges and possibilities of research into informal learning In this context.

All are welcome to attend.  This seminar will be live streamed.  Please contact Dee Daglish for further information.

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