In this talk I will examine the sometimes contested theories associated with ‘critical posthumanism’ and their relationship to digital education. Given that practices of teaching and learning, as we commonly understand them, seem to be thoroughly ‘humanist’ – concerned with developing the inner potential of learners – ideas which question the exceptionality of human beings often appear antithetical to the entire project of education. However, some of these concepts, which have important intersections with postcolonial theory and the philosophy of technology, offer critical insights for our practices in education, particularly those that involve the digital. I will focus on perhaps the most prominent example of ‘online’ education in recent years: the Massive Open Online Course (or ‘MOOC’), highlighting three key themes: the corporate vision of the MOOC; the ‘space’ of digital education in a ‘globalised’ and ‘networked’ world; and ‘algorithmic cultures’ in education. 

All are welcome to attend.  This seminar will be livestreamed.  Please contact Dee Daglish for further information.

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