How to engage community in research consultancy and co-production?

In public consultation, important for research (impact) across disciplines, tools for creative engagement can structure and document activity, as an open-ended exploration for different voices and abilities. Laura and Hayley have co-designed tools with community engagement professionals and young people that are flexible and shared digitally for ease of re-production. Miriam uses a sketching and comics approach to research, engaging a public user group to inform research directly.

Miriam Sturdee, Hayley Alter and Laura Wareing discuss their work with creative engagement and why it is an important methodology in all disciplines.

Laura Wareing and Hayley Alter have both worked on Leapfrog, a three year AHRC funded project based in LICA at Lancaster University.  Leapfrog co-designs tools for engagement with professionals consulting the public through their work in the public and voluntary sectors. The tools are used flexibly to engage communities through creative methods in a wide range of contexts.

In addition to their research training, both Laura and Hayley are professional designers.  Before embarking on her PhD through the Transformation North West Project, Laura was the Leapfrog Research Associate. Hayley is currently completing her PhD through the Leapfrog project, investigating how design can support engagement practitioners to appropriate and adapt tools.

For more information about Leapfrog tools and research and to download free tools, please visit


All are welcome to attend.  Please contact Dee Daglish for further information.

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