The Syrian refugee crisis is now in its seventh year. A significant issue of the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe and mostly in Turkey is access to education. Turkey hosts around 3.4 million of Syrian Refugees and provides fifteen thousand of them free and accessible higher education. Although the opportunities for free and accessible higher education have been very valuable and significant for Syrian refugees and youth in Turkey, questions remain regarding the quality of experiences, such as to what extent students can participate, have their voices heard, discuss and oppose the inequalities entrenched in education and develop valuable capabilities for a flourishing life. This seminar will first set the context for Syrian Refugee Crisis in Turkey and then respond to some pertinent questions on access, integration, motivation for higher education. In doing so, it will also challenge the core tenants of inclusive education and disrupt the dominant and generic discourse of humanitarian aid (for refugees) for producing unsustainable and politically and socially counter-productive policies for integration.

Bio: My research interests focus on gender justice, education, and development. Most of the work I have done focused on issues regarding women’s development through education, the relationship between education and women’s agency and girls’ education. My key concern is to understand the implications of gender, economic, social and political inequalities, their bearing on education and the ways in which development and gender justice approaches can provide a route into such thinking. I also have a keen interest in working with marginalised, disadvantaged and vulnerable communities and exploring how formal/informal education in such communities can be used to achieve sustainable development and support sustainable livelihoods. Alongside these issues, I have also kept up an interest in methodological issues such as feminist research, online research methods, participatory action research.

I have received my PhD and MA degrees respectively from Uni of Nottingham and Trinity College Dublin and I have worked as postdoctoral researcher in South Africa and at the Open University, UK and as an assistant professor in Istanbul.

I currently hold two projects: Jean Monnet Project on Women’s Development Europeanisation of Gender Policies funded by EU Commission and Syria Refugees and Higher Education Project funded by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce as a social corporate responsibility Project.Awaiting abstract.

All are welcome to attend.  Please contact Dee Daglish for further information.

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