What happens to PhD graduates?

Are we, whether PhD student, senior researcher, supervisor or administrator doing enough?

It is increasingly common knowledge that the career trajectories of PhD graduates are often uncertain. Yet, we know little of what happens to them, for a start: how long it takes to find employment, in what labour sector and role, what they actually do, how satisfied they are. In this talk, I will draw on my research to explore what we each might do to try to improve this picture. I hope to make it a ‘call to arms.’ 

Lynn McAlpine, in addition to being a Visiting Professor at Lancaster University, is Professor Emerita at the University of Oxford and McGill University. Working with teams in Canada, the UK and Europe, and most recently Africa, she has for over a decade studied the career experiences and trajectories of PhD students and graduates. You can reach her at lynn.mcalpine@learning.ox.ac.uk

All are welcome to attend.  Please contact Dee Daglish for further information.

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