There is something rather prescriptive in the literature of evaluation practice, about how non-profit organisations should practice evaluation, by whom, and to what effect. I argue that a social practice theory offers fresh insights into an enhanced view of evaluation. This seminar will discuss practitioners’ experiences of evaluation and how a social practice approach might be used to challenge the evaluation approach requested by funders.

A qualitative in-depth case study was conducted to collect and inductively analyse data over time regarding the evaluation practices occurring throughout a single project’s timeline (Saunders et al., 2011; Simons, 2009). Data was analysed from a specific strand of social practice theory, a dynamics of social practice, to deepen how evaluation is practiced in everyday life and how it changes over time (Shove et al., 2012). A timeline of the project’s evaluation practice was designed to analyse how the findings of participation, power relationships and co-occurrence of practices interact and change over time.

All are welcome to attend.  Please contact Dee Daglish for further information.

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