The Role of HEFCE in Teaching and Learning Enhancement: A review of evaluative evidence

Date: 17 July 2014

This report is published today on the Higher Education Academy website.

It examines evidence on the strengths and weaknesses of HEFCE's initiatives to enhance learning and teaching in higher education in the recent past and looks at the future needs of the sector in relation to such initiatives. The report considers a number of broad alternatives in this, taking into account the greatly reduced funding environment. Eight critical success factors for the future are identified which build on the effective approaches of the past and address some of the problems which have to some extent limited the effectiveness of HEFCE initiatives in fully achieving system-wide enhancement. The report's authors say that the evidence points to the conclusion that "HEFCE's continued strategic role in the enhancement of learning and teaching in England is vitally important to sustain strategic direction and to moderate the vicissitudes of political ideology. Given the resource constraints that are a very predictable feature of the future, HEFCE needs to prioritise its enhancement efforts."

The research team was: Prof. Paul Trowler, Dr. Paul Ashwin, Prof. Murray Saunders - all of the Higher Education Research and Evaluation Centre (here@lancaster) at Lancaster University.

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Associated staff: Paul Ashwin, Murray Saunders, Paul Trowler

Associated departments and research centres: Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation, Educational Research