28 April 2017
Four winners will be presented with Apple tablets and an award certificate in September 2017 for excellent publication from research conducted for the Doctoral Programmes in Educational Research (Higher Education) and the online Higher Education Research and Development.

The awards are for current participants and alumni of the PhD in Educational Research - Higher Education and the PhD in Higher Education: Research, Evaluation and Enhancement.

Two awards are available from each programme:

  1. The best publication or set of publications, judged by academic merit;
  2. The publication or set of publications which have demonstrably made the most difference to higher education practices. (Publications, of any sort, which have made a difference).

Winners will receive an Apple tablet device and will be presented with an award certificate at a formal presentation in September. Their achievements will be publicised through various media. Honorary mentions will also be awarded for high quality work from the programmes.

Further details are available in the Research on Higher Education publishing awards document.

The closing date for applications is Monday 10th July 2017.  Please contact Paul Trowler if you have any questions about the award.