20 March 2017
The visit to UCBC, Chile was the first in the link between the Department of Educational Research and UCBC.

This link was originally initiated by an alumnus of the department, Antonieta Maria Hidalgo and member of UCBC, who gained her PhD in 2016 and Professor Murray Saunders from Lancaster.  At this particular juncture in the development of UCBC, members of the University leadership have identified a number of institutional challenges and developments associated with a rapidly changing environment. Support for addressing these challenges could be provided by a link with the Department of Educational Research. The support centred on developing awareness of the change process, in particular ideas on how change might be negotiated and managed positively, how interventions and change might be evaluated and how the quality of teaching and learning might be enhanced and assured.  Drawing on recent experience of these topics, Murray Saunders facilitated three workshops, one on each of these topics and a round table discussion on quality issues in on-line learning for staff of UCBC during the week.  Feedback from these events has been very positive and follow-up activity and action planning has begun. The vice-rector remarked "I would like to reiterate that the content and timing of your visit was perfect for our institution".