5 May 2017
Research findings from studies on mobile learning have provided supportive detail for a Northern Ireland Department of Education Circular.

Education NI circular insetFollowing a presentation on ‘Mobile device impact in schools - teaching and learning outcomes arising from uses of mobile technologies’ by Professor Don Passey to the EN(ni) Innovation Forum (a forum of the Northern Ireland Department of Education), the Department of Education integrated evidence presented when developing a Circular that sets out requirements and sets guidelines for all schools in Northern Ireland.

The original presentation offered a review of research literature by Don and Sam May (a member of Cohort 9 of the Doctoral Programme in e-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning), exploring current understandings of mobile device impact in educational institutions. Specific studies on mobile device uses in schools, undertaken by Don and Dr Joana Zozimo, were quoted in the Circular. These studies identified learning activities that mobile devices 'can valuably enable'.

The Circular draws on Don’s original research published in 2010, and also on the findings of an EU-funded project reported by Don and Joana, published in 2014 and 2016.