16 May 2017
Sue Cranmer recently presented her research ‘“Because if I write I can hardly see my own writing”: The benefits and barriers experienced by children and young people using digital technologies for learning’ at the 14th Research Conference, Nordic Network on Disability Research (NNDR), Örebro, Sweden, 3rd – 5th May, 2017

The presentation drew on a participatory project that considered how disabled young people use and experience digital technologies for learning. The results showed that mobile technologies were potentially transformative for disabled young people to enable independent access to the curriculum. They also had the potential to boost confidence, reduce stigma and enhance the consonance between school and home learning. Nevertheless, there were barriers to reaching this potential, such as technical issues, lack of expertise and sometimes teacher reluctance. The paper concluded that whilst digital technologies have  the potential to support disabled young people’s learning, further attention needs to be given to inclusive pedagogical design.

The conference brought together over 250 researchers from around the world.