Interculturality and Globalisation in TEL

Module Five

Lead Tutor: Dr Murat Oztok

The purpose of this module is to introduce you to the rise of globalisation in education and the particular role of e-learning in that phenomenon. Many universities are globalising their market and reaching out to diverse cultures in order to recruit more students to their courses. Online learning is seen as a means to this end, and there are many experimental and evolving forms in higher education, for example. The challenge is to produce forms of learning that are sufficiently robust to attract and maintain large and diverse student populations. Universities and tutors need to engage with a range of cultural differences in their classes, yet many are not well-equipped to develop pedagogies that support and capitalise on cultural diversity. This module will examine the issues surrounding this phenomenon and will look critically at globalisation of higher education, and in particular the role of interculturality in the educational process.

Year One, September - December - 30 credits