Researching and reflecting on Technology Enhanced Learning in educational settings

Module Six

Lead Tutor: Dr Julie-Ann Sime

During this module you will be reflecting on the knowledge and skills you have gained during Part One of the programme and planning the research you will be undertaking in Part Two. In this module you prepare a research proposal setting out your research questions and the proposed research plan, it shows your ability to write about the literature, state research questions and objectives and any associated ethical issues, describe the methodology to be used, and associated methods and tools, describe the ways in which data will be analysed, and describe the timetable for carrying out the research project. 

The thesis is a major part of the Doctoral Programme and, for many programme participants, often the most challenging and rewarding part of the programme. A very wide variety of study is possible, including original empirical investigations employing one or more of a range of research methodologies. Usually studies have direct relevance to your own professional concern; a topic may also be chosen which is of concern to your own institution or employing authority.

Because we believe it is important that the study you undertake should excite you, we ask you to play a major role in the selection of the topic. Of course, you will be provided with assistance within your learning set by your tutor and other learning set members.