Researching Technology Enhanced/Networked Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Module Three

Lead Tutor: Dr Brett Bligh

This module examines recent research and theorising about the nature of technology enhanced learning, teaching and assessment in HE/FE. Its focus is on understanding and researching the relationship between: learning,
knowledge and pedagogy as part of TEL, including theories of learning and the ways in which participants learn in technology enhanced learning contexts and environments; and assessment, including current understandings of the aims and purposes of assessment and the ways in which assessment is conceptualised and conducted in HE/FE, and professional contexts generally and specifically in TEL settings.

The module covers a range of qualitative methodological approaches and includes themes such as approaches in researching knowledge creation, learning communities, identities online and evaluation initiatives in TEL. The aim of module 3 is to enable you to gain knowledge and skills in researching TEL through reflecting on research advances in the field and by undertaking small empirical research projects relevant to your professional interests and concerns.

January - June - 40 credits