Social Justice in Institutions and Organisations



The Social Justice in Institutions and Organisations module is your chance to develop your understanding of, and critically appraise, social justice as a concept and as a characteristic of institutions. 

This module invites you to question the nature of social justice as applied to any given institution – and to consider how theories of social justice may vary across institutions.

We will identify the ways institutions measure their success in complying with their own definitions of social justice. And we’ll explore the means by which they may seek to become more socially just.

An integral part of your journey as a developing researcher, this compulsory module is also an excellent opportunity to connect your own working practice with relevant literature - and to hone in on aspects of social justice that most interest you. 

You’ll enhance your ability to theorise, conceptualise, analyse and articulate facets of your own professional practice.

Undertaken during your first year of PhD studies, the module is assessed via a number of short assignments (5-6,000 words in total). These enable you to develop your research and writing skills and they prepare the ground for year two when assessment is via longer publishable papers suitable for academic journals.