Core Staff Interests 

Kirsty Finn

Kirsty's research explores the relationship between higher education and the broader experiences of personal life and intimacy. She is principally interested in the ways in which different patterns of engagement and interaction with higher education reflect and potentially redefine expectations and everyday experiences of a range of social, intimate and often mundane relationships.

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Ann-Marie Houghton

Inclusive curriculum development, the academic and learning experiences of disabled learners, transitions issues into education and the workplace, especially for disabled graduates, from a multi-agency perspective the policy agenda of Schools that will encompass family and intergenerational learning from Faith Schools agenda.

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Natasa Lackovic

Image-based (visual) and multimodal research, methods and designs for learning in HE, digital education and related exploration of contemporary socio-cultural issues. Such interests entail: learning, teaching and assessment designs which acknowledge and explore multimodal learning resources, semiotics, socio-cultural and theoretical underpinnings of multimodal activities and interactions, related learners' communication and experience, arts-informed HE, and addressing community-identified issues and needs.

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Malcolm Tight

Specialisms include: changing patterns of academic work; the nature of the academic experience; the history and meaning of higher education; alternative modes of study; the postgraduate and research student experience; mature and 'non-traditional' students; comparative studies; patterns of participation; the role of learning in adult life.

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