Theory and professional practices in higher education (support module)

Module B

This module, taken in Part 1, will enhance your ability to articulate and analyse aspects of your professional practices and to connect these two the relevant research literature. So the module helps you relate your day-to-day professional role to concepts and theory as well as significant data that are relevant to it, helping you see professional practice within higher education in a new light and so enhance it. Module B is closely related to work you will do in the core modules as well as aspects of your professional life.

The module is organised in four main sections:

1. The relationship between policies and practices

2. Theorising practices

3. Organisational cultures

4. Organisational change

Because this is a support module the assignments are assessed on a pass/fail basis and are designed to allow creativity, risk-taking and experimentation. You are not expected to be writing at doctoral level for these assignments.

There are four very short assignments, each of which relates to one of the four sections above. One paper analyses a policy or guidance document that is relevant to you. The second applies theory to an area of relevant professional practice. The third is about organisational cultures and involves a short presentation or a written paper. The final assignment is again a written paper or a short presentation about organisational change in this case. Because most participants on the doctoral program write about their own professional practice for their thesis, this module is very relevant to the work they will do in Part 2 of the programme.

The module leader for module B is Dr Ann-Marie Houghton who has many years’ experience in this field.

Participant comment: “I leave Module B with a great desire to improve my own teaching practice because [the tutor] is a very passionate and dedicated teacher who inspires me to use some of her teaching methods in my class.”