TEL Centre Themes and Expertise

Inclusivity, Criticality, Mobility

Brett Bligh

  • Educational Context: Higher education, informal learning
  • Technological Focus: Ubiquitous technologies in physical spaces
  • Pedagogical/Theoretical Focus: Activity theory, collaborative learning, learners’ self-directed exploration
  • Methodological Approach: Change laboratory, participative design

Sue Cranmer

  • Educational Context: Primary, secondary, higher education, outside school context
  • Technological Focus: Digital/mobile technologies
  • Pedagogical/Theoretical Focus: Well-being, digital inclusion, digital literacy
  • Methodological Approach: Participatory, qualitative research

Julia Gillen

  • Educational Context: Formal/informal learning, literacy education
  • Technological Focus: Digital media, multimodality
  • Pedagogical/Theoretical Focus: Citizen humanities, literacy studies, digital literacies
  • Methodological Approach: Ethnography, participatory methods

Natasa Lackovic 

  • Educational Context: Higher education, community, schooling
  • Technological Focus: Digital/mobile technologies, 3D printing
  • Pedagogical/Theoretical Focus: Semiotics, sociomaterial theories, critical pedagogy, art theory
  • Methodological Approach: Multimodality, visual research methods

Kyungmee Lee

  • Educational Context: Higher, International, multi-literacy education
  • Technological Focus: Online/distance learning technologies
  • Pedagogical/Theoretical Focus: Accessibility, Internationalization, constructivism, post-structuralism
  • Methodological Approach: Discourse analysis, design-based research

Murat Oztok 

  • Educational Context: Graduate/postgraduate education
  • Technological Focus: Online/distance learning technologies
  • Pedagogical/Theoretical Focus: Equity, sociocultural theories, critical pedagogy, post-colonial approach
  • Methodological Approach: Ethnography, quantitative/mixed methods

Don Passey

  • Educational Context: Lifespan, formal/informal learning
  • Technological Focus: Digital technologies, blended learning
  • Pedagogical/Theoretical Focus: Inclusion, social learning, impact of ‘signature/new’ pedagogies
  • Methodological Approach: Mixed methods, case study, policy analysis

Julie-Ann Sime 

  • Educational Context: Workplace learning, professional development
  • Technological Focus: Digital games, simulations, virtual worlds
  • Pedagogical/Theoretical Focus: Collaborative/team learning, learning from experience
  • Methodological Approach: Participatory design-based research