Collaborative Research and Consultancy

Energy Lancaster brings together Lancaster's world leading expertise in a wide range of energy related areas including:

  • Carbon management
  • Clean coal
  • Energy and behavioural change
  • Energy demand management and modelling
  • Energy policy and economics
  • Fuel cells
  • Nuclear energy
  • Photovoltaics and photocatalysis
  • Transport and transport usage
  • Wet renewables
  • Wind energy

By combining cutting edge research in these areas with expertise across Science and Technology and beyond, Energy Lancaster is working in partnership global organisations and contributing to the development and management of a secure and sustainable future for the UK's energy needs.

Partnership Examples

  • Novel materials for solar cells
  • Wave and tidal energy generation technology
  • Advanced nuclear fuel processing schemes
  • Energy policy and efficiency projects
  • Biofuels plant design projects
  • Nuclear decommissioning projects
  • Low head hydro research
  • Fluid machinery
  • Environmental impact assessments of energy systems
  • Virtual prototyping and rapid manufacture for energy systems
  • Energy in transport and life cycle assessment research
  • Carbon footprinting and carbon management
  • Health impacts of energy from waste