Carbon Management

Our research focusses on three core areas of carbon management- carbon capture and storage, carbon sequestration, and carbon utilisation.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Our research focuses on developing smarter, more efficient ways to store energy to meet the increasing demand for energy. For example we are exploring the long-term storage of CO2 in geological reservoirs as a means to mitigate climate change, with projects that examine the fundamental physio-chemical processes governing storage security. These projects include subsurface drilling programs to examine the seals trapping natural CO2 accumulations, and small scale injection experiments to investigate coupling of the reactive flow of CO2 and brine in the subsurface.  This work is being used to calibrate models of the long-term integrity of the CO2 storage reservoirs and involves collaborations with industry and partner universities in the USA.

Carbon Sequestration

Carbon sequestration is the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide, e.g. in biological reservoirs, to mitigate climate change. Our research projects include terrestrial carbon stock and flow assessments, how their response to climate change and land management practices can be exploited to enhance carbon sequestration, and geoengineering impact assessment, which includes evaluation of the potential effects of a range of atmospheric CO2 removal techniques on global biodiversity.

Carbon Utilisation

Our research focusses on the development of novel chemical engineering methods to transform captured CO2 into a range of valuable products. For example, we are developing novel chemical engineering methods to transform captured CO2 and biomass waste into a range of stable end products, e.g. organic carbonates and polycarbonates, and exploring the conversion of CO2 into methane as an energy storage/vector product for renewable energy sources.


  • Dr Niko Kampman (Carbon Capture)
  • Dr Gregg Holland
  • Professor Nick Ostle (Carbon Sequestration)
  • Dr Vesna Najdanovic (Carbon Utilisation)