School's Outreach

We are keen to work with schools to help raise awareness of engineering and demonstrate the opportunities that studying for a degree in engineering can provide. We invite pupils and teachers to try some hands-on engineering, to hear about our research, and to find out about life at university.

IET Faraday Challenge Day

The Engineering department was one of only 12 universities selected to host this years Institute of Engineering and Technology’s Faraday Challenge Day.

Teams of Year 8 students from four Lancashire schools; Lancaster Girls Grammar, Hodgson Academy, Fulwood Academy and Our Lady’s Catholic College raced against the clock to solve real-life engineering problems. The crew of the incredible Land Rover BAR catamaran asked the teams to create innovative engineering related solutions to help them
achieve winning performances in the America’s Cup race.

Each team used their small budget to design, build and test their prototype producing some innovative and unique solutions. The winning team from Lancaster Girls’ Grammar were awarded a trophy and individual prizes and could be one of the top 5 teams out of 147 schools from across the UK to compete in the national final.

Engineering Department goes out and about

"Interactive, engaging, educational and fun. Excellently pitched and delivered." is how the Assistant Head of Victoria Academy in Barrow, Cumbria described the engineering workshop for Year 6 pupils. He added, "The children will not forget the learning they have experienced today."

Since November 2016, over 350 pupils at 10 Barrow schools have participated in the Engineering Department’s outreach workshops focused on aspects of either nuclear, chemical or emergency engineering. Practical engineering challenges provide opportunities for Y6 – 9 pupils to work collaboratively in teams, applying STEM skills, testing and evaluating their solutions.

"A super session where children engaged and were able to recognise skills required for engineering as well as the task in hand." Newbarns Primary

Pupils discovered more about the everyday work of engineers when STEM ambassadors from North West engineering companies joined the workshops to answer questions and provide expert advice for their challenges.

The workshops are available FREE to schools and provided by funding from the Sir John Fisher Foundation.

To book, please contact Irene Wise, Schools’ Liaison Officer.

The Big Bang Fair 2016: The Third Dimension

The Big Bang Fair 2016 held at Furness College attracted 1400 primary and secondary aged pupils to discover more about science, technology and engineering through local companies. The Engineering Department challenged pupils with 3-dimensional thinking problems.

The most popular one required pupils to create one 3D shape that could fit exactly through three different shaped holes. This led to lots of discussion and trial and error. Many visitors to the stand concluded that engineers must be very smart and creative to solve these problems.

Education Enrichment Opportunities

Arkwright Scholarships Trust

Awards highly sought after scholarships to Y11 pupils keen to pursue a future career in engineering. The application process includes a practical engineering project and is open from mid-November to mid-January. Successful scholars receive £600, a professional engineer mentor and enrichment opportunities amongst other things.

Smallpeice Trust

Is all about inspiring and supporting young engineers in the making who are daring to imagine. They offer Ignition and Momentum summer schools for Y8 – 11 at Universities, including Lancaster.

Engineering Development Trust

Engineering Education Scheme includes a variety of theme engineering courses for Y12, including a summer residential Headstart course about Sustainable Power at Lancaster.


Find new free project ideas to enhance your STEM curriculum delivery or use at a STEM club with the Instructables resource,

Other Opportunities

We are keen to work with schools to help raise awareness of engineering and demonstrate the opportunities that studying for a degree in engineering can provide. Opportunities to look out for are;

  • Engineering workshops for Y6 – Y9
  • Chemical engineering workshop for KS3 in the Engineering Department
  • Faraday Challenge for Y8 in March
  • Sustainable engineering challenge
  • Factory in a Box, 3D printer loan scheme