Jon Goda

An enviable location

Having begun by studying Mechanical Engineering before transferring to an MSc in Mechatronics, Jon Goda was initially attracted to Lancaster University due to its beautiful, well-connected location and campus setting. “As well as my A Level results, I chose Lancaster for its proximity to the Lake District, its location in the North West where some of my family come from, and the fact that it was a campus university rather than being in a built-up city area,” he explains.

Useful skills

Now working as a Duty Operations Manager at the BBC, Jon uses many of the skills that he gained both during his degree and extracurricular activities at Lancaster on a regular basis. “I use many of the academic aspects of my degree during my day to day work,” he elaborates. “The most valuable skills that I gained during my time at Lancaster included the ability to communicate with people, working in small project teams, working in a theatre as an extracurricular activity, and being a tour guide for the University. This gave me the ability to communicate effectively with people who I had never met, which is a skill that I use every day.”

Excellent activities

Jon has found the skills that he gained while working in the theatre on campus just as relevant to his career as those that he received from his degree. “I started my career doing something completely unrelated to my degree,” he explains. “The experience that I gained working in the Nuffield Theatre in my spare time, including doing lighting and sound, has been highly relevant to my career overall. However, I have found the electronic engineering components of my degree have been the most useful in the long term.”

Facilities and support

Jon made extensive use of the Engineering Department’s facilities as well as general facilities on campus, and received the support he needed from members of staff when necessary. “The labs in Engineering were available at any time of day or night, which I found incredibly useful,” he says. “As well as these, I used the computer rooms and campus based facilities, and the presence of a theatre on campus turned out to be vital.”

Advice for students

Jon has advice for prospective students considering studying engineering at Lancaster, and is quick to recommend the University. “Lancaster was a great place to study engineering,” he says. “It has great facilities, and its societies are brilliant. They gave me just as much of a grounding in later life as the academic aspects of my degree did.”