Amaechi Chiemela Victor

Lancaster was at the top of the list for Amaechi Chiemela Victor when it came to decision time for university applications. Since then, he has discovered a passion for sub-sea engineering as well as experience of working with a range of state-of-the-art facilities.

An international reputation

For Amaechi Chiemela Victor, Lancaster University was his top choice from the outset. “I always wanted the best and Lancaster is great institution,” he says. “It’s a Top 10 university with a great Nigerian society and the international office in Nigeria is so supportive.”

Victor claims that Lancaster was recommended to him whilst studying at another university. “I came here following my supervisor Professor Jianqiao Ye as he champions marine engineering research in addition to his vast experience in mechanical engineering here in Lancaster,” he says.

All the right tools

Lecturers at Lancaster’s Engineering Department have been influential to Victor during his time at the university and he’s always felt comfortable asking questions. “The staff are really friendly and I get all the support I need,” he explains. “The IT personnel are great at sourcing the software applications I need to run models, as well as providing me with a super-fast PC, which has helped my productivity and enabled me to use more engineering software in my research.”

During his time at Lancaster, Victor has enjoyed studying a diverse range of topics. “I love sub-sea engineering,” he says. “Studying this will help me solve problems of risers needed in deepwater exploration activities of oil and gas.”

Friendly community

Victor has settled well on campus, and has so far made the most of his time at Lancaster. “I’m currently living at the Graduate College,” he says. “I’ve enjoyed the sport facilities here, such as the 3G Astro Pitch, the Lawn Tennis Court and the Sports Centre. I can play the piano at the Chaplaincy, and then there’s the Engineering Department resources and the Ruskin Library.” Victor is impressed with the range of subject literature on campus. “The University Library provided me with a lot of access to books and journals,” he claims. “The Department also provided me with really useful engineering software. The LUGrad was my second home on campus.”

Creating memories

As his future career prospects draw closer, Victor is confident that Lancaster University is preparing him well for the journey ahead. “As well as the subject-specific teaching, I’m also receiving training on presentation, interview and research skills, which to me is just as important. The University is providing all the funding and support I require to carry out my research.”

Victor is looking forward to gaining a work placement. “I spend a couple hours weekly doing some volunteering work, which has helped me to learn and share knowledge.”

Speaking of the friendships he has developed during his time at Lancaster, Victor claims “I have another family here in the Department and everyone cares about you. I love Lancaster because it’s helped me to discover my potential. I’ll always have good memories of being here.”