Micro-Nano Systems

The Micro-Nano Systems group focusses on the devices, underpinning technologies and system design methodologies  required to realise autonomous heterogeneous systems capable of sensing, data processing and actuation. The group forms a core capability within Lancaster’s Quantum Technology Centre with competences in electronics, photonics, electrochemical engineering and biochemical engineering.

Core research interests include system design and test with a specific focus on reliability, fault tolerance, adaptive systems and prognostics. Length scales cover 6 order of magnitude from 100nm at the lower end to 100mm at the system level. The work embraces quantum devices, mixed signal electronics, interfaces and packaging, MEMS, microfluidic technologies and biophotonics. Device level work addresses photonics, sensors and the underpinning material technology that includes novel electrode structures, mid-infrared devices for biological sensing applications and thin film devices for display applications.

More information about the Group’s activities can be found on the webpages of individual staff accessible through the "People" tab above, or on the Lancaster Quantum Technology Centre website (http://www.qtc.lancs.ac.uk/).