Bhuma Limbu

Fantastic achievement

One of the top performing women in her year, Bhuma Limbu has been awarded the prestigious 2016 Ede & Ravenscroft Women into Science Prize for her exceptional academic performance. This £1000 prize rewards female students for their outstanding academic achievement in science subjects in which they have been traditionally underrepresented.  The prizes are awarded by Ede & Ravenscroft, who supply robes for Lancaster University students during graduation. 

“I feel honoured and grateful to have been able to receive this prize,” Bhuma tells us. “It shows that effort and hard work can be rewarded, which motivates me to perform even better in the future.”

Practical opportunities

Having just finished her first year, Bhuma is already thinking ahead and planning for her future career aspirations. Although she is convinced that she would like to work within her current field of chemical engineering, she is conscious of limiting her options and is aware of the plethora of opportunities available to her. “As a student who has just finished her first year that covered the basics of engineering, there is still a wide range of options for me to choose from,” she says. “Hopefully my future career as a chemical engineer will allow me to use the knowledge I have gained at Lancaster University and expand on it further.”

Bhuma has particularly enjoyed the group work that she has undertaken during her first year, and feels that the work that she has done has cemented her interest in the discipline of chemical engineering. She also revels in the opportunity to apply what she has learned during her course to real-life situations. “The course structure has allowed me to experience the foundations of basic engineering and other engineering courses,” she says. “This intrigued me, as it made me certain and confident in my choice of chemical engineering. I enjoyed the design group work, as I was able to put the theories I learnt in class to practice with the help of my teammates."