Elina Ioannou

Renowned expertise

Upon deciding that she wished for more expertise in both management and her chosen profession of Mechanical Engineering, Elina Ioannou was drawn to Lancaster University due to its prestigious reputation. “After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, I felt the need to expand my knowledge by combining my existing expertise with knowledge of management and business,” she says. “Having extensively researched opportunities to combine these two fields, I finally selected Lancaster University and the course of MSc Mechanical Engineering with Project Management. Lancaster is highly ranked in both Engineering and Management, and I believe it was the best selection I have ever made.”

An excellent course

Elina has thoroughly enjoyed her course so far, and is certain that it will be highly beneficial to her future career. “The course has an intensive, interesting programme, and Lancaster University has provided me with an excellent environment to study it,” she says. “The staff and lecturers of Lancaster University are very helpful and friendly. They have always been willing to help me with any worry or problem I may have had, and they always made sure that they provided me the necessary advice or assistance.”

Useful facilities

During her time at Lancaster, Elina has taken advantage of the wide range of facilities available to students, for study, extra-curricular activities and socialising. “I have enjoyed studying in the new Engineering Building and Library, both of which are open 24/7,” she says. “As well as study spaces, there are many cafés, bars, pubs, restaurants and a sporting centre in Lancaster University, all of which are used by students to have fun. I have enjoyed being in those areas when I have needed a small break from studying, or when I have had days off.” In addition to her use of the campus-based facilities, Elina is pleased that the amenities offered in the city of Lancaster itself are easy to reach via public transport. “The city of Lancaster is also very near to the University, and is easily accessible via a bus journey of 10-15 minutes,” she says.

Highly recommended

Having both thoroughly enjoyed her time at Lancaster University and found it invaluable for her preferred career, Elina is quick to recommend both the University and the Mechanical Engineering with Project Management MSc to prospective students. “I strongly recommend Lancaster University to those who want to make the best investment in their studies, and gain new opportunities in a highly ranked University,” she says. “I would also recommend the MSc Mechanical Engineering with Project Management to those who want to expand their knowledge and horizons. This Masters degree has already provided me with knowledge and skills regarding project management and leadership in addition to advanced mechanical engineering skills, and I am confident that these skills are a passport to gain project managerial positions in the future and successful entry to many jobs.”