Academic Support

We strive to ensure that our students receive the support that they need in order to achieve their full academic potential. We are a friendly department, and foster a highly supportive learning environment.

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Depending on their programme of study, most of our students will have one or two tutorials with a Graduate Teaching Assistant. The majority of our Graduate Teaching Assistants have studied at Lancaster, so they are able to advise, support and direct the students to the most appropriate people and services if necessary. Engineering tutorials are designed to support student learning, building on lecture material and developing other skills. These include library skills, field skills, group working and oral presentations.

Academic Tutor

Each student is assigned their own personal Academic Tutor for the duration of their studies, who they meet with once per term in order to discuss their progress.

Director of Studies

Each course has its own Director of Studies who will address any concerns that students may have in regards to the course.

Teaching Coordinators

We have our own Teaching Coordinators, Kate Mitchell and Deborah Lund, who can be contacted with any problems or concerns.

Student Learning Advisor

Our Learning Advisor, Dr Robert Blake, offers a range of services that can help you improve your scientific writing and enable your coursework to achieve its full potential. Methods include drop-in sessions, one-to-one meetings and workshops. You can receive help with academic writing and assessment techniques, which can be arranged at your convenience.

International students

We have courses, workshops and drop-in sessions to help you with study, grammar and writing at Lancaster.

Disabled students

If you think you have a disability that affects your study such as dyslexia, you may find it helpful to arrange a study consultation.