Your first year and beyond

All of our undergraduate degrees begin with a common first year, regardless of which discipline you choose. 

This learning method provides a fundamental understanding of many aspects of general engineering. You’ll learn about the specialised roles and the ways in which engineering teams collaborate; for example, how they combine their individual talents to achieve a mutual goal.

Your common first year also offers the opportunity to change specialisation if you wish, allowing you to develop an informed choice going into the next stages of study. Please refer to the full list of first year modules below.

What will my workload be like?

Your workload will consist of 10 hours of lectures, 6 hours of lab/project work, plus small group tutorials and workshops. Weekly contact 18-20 hours per week plus private study time.


Second year and onwards: specialised subjects

Before completing your first year, you will hopefully have developed a clearer picture of where you want to direct your engineering focus next. Please select a programme from the list below to reveal its modules for year two and onwards. Our MEng degrees include an extra fourth year, which you will spend gaining experience in industry.

Which specialisation?

If you're unsure of which area of specialisation you'd like to go into at first, you can use UCAS code H100: Engineering on your application form and this leaves your options open. Similarly, subject to meeting progression requirements, the common first year allows students to change their specialisation allowing a more informed choice at the end of year one.

Please select a programme from the list below to view its list of specialist modules from your second year onwards.