Dr Eoghan Walls


Research Overview

My main areas of interest are the writing of poetry, Contemporary British and Irish poetry, the teaching of creative writing and the inter-relation between modern European thought and contemporary poetics.

Walls, E. 1/09/2017
Other contribution

The Pigeon on St Vitus Dance
Walls, E. 1/05/2017 Belle Ombre

Buoyancy, Pear Stones and an interview
Walls, E. 1/05/2016 In: Poetry Ireland Review.
Journal article

Peas and Eastbourne
Walls, E. 10/10/2015 In: The London Magazine.
Journal article

To Half-Inchling & Sweeney's Song
Walls, E. 14/05/2015 In: Magma Poetry. 63
Journal article

On the Egg
Walls, E. 12/05/2015 In: Poetry London. Summer
Journal article

On the Principles of Dove Magic
Walls, E. 1/04/2015 In: The Wolf.
Journal article

The Colour of Money
Walls, E. 14/07/2014 In: The London Magazine.
Journal article

Jubulate Columbidae
Walls, E. 1/06/2014 In: New Welsh Review.
Journal article

On the Scaffolding of babel, On Chelmno and The Beast of the Galapagos
Walls, E. 1/06/2014 In: Poetry London. June-July
Journal article

The Slug's Blue Rose
Walls, E. 1/06/2014 In: The Rialto.
Journal article

The salt harvest
Walls, E. 2011 Bridgend : Seren. 64 p. ISBN: 9781854115492.