The Power of Us - Against Foucault, Beyond Butler

Date: 26 January 2016 Time: 6.00 pm

Venue: County Main, SR 4

You and Me

Thinking Being Together

Intersubjectivity, Power, and Justice


A series of five talks by Laurence Hemming in the series Theory in the Making

This lecture series begins with a fragment of an ancient love-poem that speaks of “you and me”, and asks how has “you and me” been thought - before, within, and after the philosophy of subjectivity? Is every relation between “you” and “me” an effect of power? Can “you” ever be equal to “me”? And how is sexuality, how is love, how is sex, to be thought - now and in the future? Does sex, does love, does “you and me” ever assume a public face?


A series of five philosophical and thought-provoking discussions.


The Number of Us - Ancient Thoughts, Modern Ideas

Tuesday 12th January 2016


The Power of Us - Against Foucault, Beyond Butler

Tuesday 26th January 2016


The History of Us - Heteronormal Hegel, Equal Marx

Tuesday 9th February 2016


The Subject of Us - Other Than Buber, Contrary To Levinas

Tuesday 23rd February 2016


The Politics of Us - Justice For The Errors of the Past

Tuesday 8th March 2016


Who can attend: Anyone


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