Who speaks in literary criticism? Who or what, if you will, is the subject of criticism, and what happens when critical writing engages with or acknowledges subjective experience? When is criticism something else? 

When is it, say, dramatic monologue?  Or even dialogue? This symposium will explore the possibilities that exist for critical writing to engage with a variety of forms and genres: essayism, fiction, dramatic dialogue and creative translation to name a few. It will seek to redefine the gap between theoretical and creative writing as a space for new critical and theoretical intervention.

12.00 -12.05

John Schad (EL&CW) ‘Introduction’  


Jenn Ashworth (EL&CW), ‘Attempts on the Life of King Lear’

1.00 -2.00

Buffet Lunch*

2.00-3.30 - 3 Papers   

Nick Dunn (LICA),Narrative Afoot: walking as praxis between genres’

Delphine Grass (DLC), ‘Orpheus in the Archives’

Emily Orley (Roehampton), ‘The X-ray and the border’



4.00-4.30 – 3 Flash-Papers

Andy Ainscough (EL&CW) ‘Writing to Alan Bennett’

Doug Purvis (EL&CW), ‘Who is reading? Who is listening?’

Micheal Regan (EL&CW), ‘In Plato’s Cave: On the Silhouettes of Remembrance’


Timothy Mathews (University College London), ‘The Possibilities of Criticism’


*For the first 20 to register! – just email: j.schad@lancaster.ac.uk

Jointly run with the Department of Languages & Culture. 

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