How Wordsworth was a war poet - Exhibition

Date: 26 March 2015


A Lancaster academic from the Department of English and Creative Writing is co-curator of a major exhibition that portrays Wordsworth as one of the nation’s greatest war poets. 

The nineteenth century poet famous for wandering ‘lonely as a cloud’ on Cumbria’s hillsides is being seen in a new light, as ‘Wordsworth, War & Waterloo’ is the first exhibition to present Wordsworth and other Romantic writers as war poets.

The exhibition, hosted by the Wordsworth Trust at Grasmere, is a collaboration between Lancaster University and the Wordsworth Trust and is curated by Professor Simon Bainbridge, of the Department of English and Creative Writing, and Jeff Cowton.

Professor Simon Bainbridge said: “The exhibition reveals how important the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars were for Wordsworth as a writer.

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