Exhibition: Wordsworth, War & Waterloo

Date: 16 April 2015

Exhibition: Wordsworth, War & Waterloo.  The Wordsworth Museum,

>Grasmere, Cumbria. 16 March 2015 - 1 November 2015

>To mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, the Wordsworth Trust

>is staging the first-ever exhibition to present William Wordsworth and

>other writers of the Romantic period as ┼'war poets┬╣. Wordsworth, War &

>Waterloo will display important manuscripts of William Wordsworth┬╣s war

>poetry alongside stunning pictures and fascinating physical objects

>from the combat between Britain and France, including a cannon from

>Nelson┬╣s flagship, cannonballs from the battle of Salamanca and a

>gruesome collection of teeth from the battlefield of Waterloo itself.

>The show will reveal how important the Revolutionary and Napoleonic

>Wars were for Wordsworth as a writer. It will tell the story of the

>poet┬╣s changing responses to the global conflict that began in 1793 and

>culminated with Wellington┬╣s victory over Napoleon at Waterloo in June

>1815. In doing so, the exhibition will illustrate how the dramatic

>events of the war impinged on the lives of people across Britain,

>including women and children.

>With a particular focus on artistic and literary responses to the

>conflict, Wordsworth, War & Waterloo will demonstrate how war shaped

>Wordsworth┬╣s ideas about his own role as a poet. It will display how he

>and other writers came to define themselves in relation to the major

>military and naval figures of the period ┬ş Admiral Nelson, the Duke of

>Wellington, and, in particular, Napoleon Bonaparte.

>This unique exhibition draws on the expertise of its two curators, Jeff

>Cowton of the Wordsworth Trust, and Professor Simon Bainbridge of

>Lancaster University, a leading authority on the subject of literature

>and war in the Romantic period and the author of the books Napoleon and

>English Romanticism and British Poetry and the Revolutionary and

>Napoleonic Wars.

>The exhibition will be richly illustrated with a number of important

>paintings, drawings and cartoons from the period. It will bring

>together Benjamin Robert Haydon┬╣s portraits of Wordsworth, Wellington

>and Napoleon, will feature a range of satirical cartoons on the war and

>its leading personalities by the brilliant caricaturist James Gillray,

>and will display J. M.W. Turner┬╣s sketchbook from his visit to Waterloo.

>Activities for families and children will be integral to the

>exhibition, which will offer a number of interactive displays, and

>there will be a programme of events associated with the show.

>For further information on the book Wordsworth, War & Waterloo, please

>see our online shop: https://www.wordsworth.org.uk/shop.html

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