15 June 2017
Professor Catherine Spooner on Goths and Twin Peaks for the BBC and ‘The Conversation’

Drawing on both her personal connection to the gothic sub culture and her love of gothic literature, Professor Catherine Spooner joined the BBC World Service programme ‘The Why Factor’ to help examine why being a Goth appeals to so many people and from across the world.  Catherine discussed the role and influence of Gothic literature on the subculture and explored what it means to be a Goth, the moments which have defined them, and how it can actually be quite fun.   

BBC World Service, The Why Factor- Goths - Listen again here

After an absence of 25 years David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’ is back and Professor Catherine Spooner has written about it for ‘The Conversation’.  In the blog Catherine discusses how the costumes which helped propel the series to a cult following reflect the show’s recognisable, unsettling, and strange atmosphere and how that relates to the world we live in today.

Read ‘The fashion of Twin Peaks: why David Lynch’s TV show is back in style’ in The Conversation here